Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I am still sick... and Mommy doesn't think I am eating enough, but somehow I gained another 3 ounces over the last two days - the doctor says it seems I am getting enough nutrition :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

I am HUGE!!

Today I had a doctor's appointment because I am sick... cough cough... but fortunately, it hasn't affected my appetite - I weigh 15 lbs and 12 oz!  (just to recap, I weighed 15 lbs fully clothed on 8/4!!!), and I am now 24.5 inches tall!!  I think I am a giant and rapidly catching up to my cousin!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Learning to read!

Some of Mommy's friends had a book shower for me - I received a BUNCH of really cool books, so now I am getting started on learning to read... I was a little upset about Curious George getting into trouble - but Daddy explained that is just what he does... I think I am going to be a big Curious George fan like Daddy!

Look how big I'm getting...

First 2 pictures are from today and yesterday and the next 2 pictures are from June! Can you see how much I have grown?  and the big news... I am starting to grow some more hair!! (well, kind of...)

Still lovin' my bath!

I now know when it is bath time - both my clothes and diaper come off and that ALWAYS brings a big, big smile to my face!

Daddy time

Soccer training

See how fast I am?


I really like to give hugs now - my teddy gets lots of them!

First day of daycare...

Since my Obaachan had to go home, Mommy and Daddy took me for my first day of daycare... here I am saying bye-bye to Mommy 

and this second picture is with my teacher, Ms. Laura


with the mobile from my cousin, Amalia

Three months old! (with the bear)

Here is my monthly update... sorry for the side profile only - a better picture is coming soon, but we have to get it off of Daddy's camera and Mommy is too technologically challenged to attempt that!


sorry for the LONG delay in updates - so here go a BUNCH!!

I now have MUCH better head control so Mommy thought I might be ready for my big new BOB stroller... we took a little walk around the neighborhood - I immediately fell asleep...