Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This is a picture of Hayden's birthday cake - I made and decorated the cars and ordered the sheet cake! we really liked how it came out :)
OK - The Natural Baby Company is sponsoring a new give-away for bloggers... so this has REALLY motivated me to get back on the bandwagon

This post is the first of many... of course most will be coming "later" (i.e., this LONNNNGGGGG weekend)
just wanted to share with you all some pics of our cutie in my favorite "high-tech" diaper!!! he made a HUGE mess with his birthday cake so had to be stripped down to his diaper... that's when all the questions started :) Gotta love this awesome color - even frosting doesn't stain it!
this GroBaby diaper (Ć¢„¢-ic-11_16.html) is adjustable in size AND is lined in SOOOOFFFTTT organic cotton - there are boosters that come with the shell set, but we haven't had to use them - so for now Hayden just snuggles up with them!! lol...
The best part of this diaper (aside from the one-size factor) is that it is nice and compact in the diaper bag - i save these for use on the weekends when we are on the go, just snap a soaker into an extra shell and throw an extra soaker or 2 in the bag and we are set to be out ALL DAY!!!!
Doesn't this diaper just look ADORABLE?!?!? we LOVE IT!!!